Name Anirudh Katoch
Mugshot me!
Bonus trivia: I wear glasses.
Education Schooling at The Heritage School, New Delhi
Currently attending college at Manipal Institute of Technology.
Currently in the 5th semester, perusing a major in Information Technology
Areas of Interest Game development, Research, Anything Interesting™.
Technical Activities Procedural level and art generation (JavaScript, WebGL)
Summer 2016
Developed non-deterministic Cellular Automata, L-systems and Perlin Noise for level generation in video games.
Intern, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HTML, JS, iMacros, Firefox)
Summer 2016
HPE, Mumbai
Fully independent bot to monitor traffic in multiple processing queues in real time, and use Text to Speech to alert nearby operators in case of anomalies.
bakaGaijin (MTA:SA, Lua)
Spring 2016
Created framework with wrappers and API to enable the easy sharing of objects, functions and other high level constructs across Lua Virtual Machines. (Created in Lua as a resource for Multi Theft Auto)
Ash (MTA:SA, Lua)
Spring 2016
  • Replaces MTA’s CEGUI interface with a flexible window manager.
  • Extensible and editable through scripts at runtime.
  • Intercepts and handles all user input.
Sonas (Java, Android)
Spring 2016 - present
Audio game on Android OS (WIP)
Developed for visually impaired individuals
Scilab Developer, FOSSEE, IIT Bombay (Embedding VMs, C, C++)
Winter 2015
Created tools to test an API
Created tools to migrate code
Worked with the C interface between Scilab and native code.
Graphics Designer, Tech Tatva, Manipal (Gimp)
Fall 2015
Designed event poster to be displayed in colleges across India.
Management Committee, IECSE
Working Committee, IECSE
PoDa (gamedev, Haxe, Java, Flash, JS)
My perpetual pet project for practicing my implementation skills.
Academic Achievements PSA Test, Conducted by CBSE, India
Quantitative Reasoning: 99.94 Percentile
Qualitative Reasoning: 98.27 Percentile
ASSET, India
99.2 and 98.8 Percentiles (Science and Math respectively)
National Science Olympiad by Eduheal (India)
State rank: 1
National rank: 12
Extracurricular activities Senior Diploma in Indian Classical music
Lead Vocalist of School Choir and School Band (Western music)
Forum Moderator and Programmer at SAUR Gaming Community (Multi Theft Auto)
Other interests Swimming, Football, Gaming, and Anime
Languages and Tools C++, Java, JavaScript, CoffeeScript, Lua, Bash, Haxe, GNU m4, ActionScript 3, SQL, Assembly
Linux, WebGL, MATLAB, nodeJS, preprocessors, Git, SQL, Flash, GIMP, GNU Make