Ash is a closed source UI library for MTA implemented in pure Lua. It provides its own window management system, own event system, own input system and own tweening system. It has a foreign interface so cool that it was forked as its own open source project called bakaGaijin.

Procedural Generation

Procedural level and art generation for tiled video games using noise, upscaling, L-systems and cellular automata.


bakaGaijin is an open source (MIT License) library that allows seamless cross resource communication across Lua virtual machines in MTA. It allows you to pass functions, tables (by reference), and such complex types that the C interface is not actually capable of sending. It is implemented in pure Lua.


I had the wonderful opportunity to intern at IIT Bombay to help develop the Image Processing Toolbox for Scilab, a free software developed by French company Scilab Enterprises. I got this opportunity as a member of FOSSEE (Free Open Source Software For Education), an initiative by IIT Bombay to make available open source equivalents of proprietary academic software.