I had the wonderful opportunity to intern at IIT Bombay to help develop the Image Processing Toolbox for Scilab, a free software developed by French company Scilab Enterprises. I got this opportunity as a member of FOSSEE (Free Open Source Software For Education), an initiative by IIT Bombay to make available open source equivalents of proprietary academic software.

I had worked with a team of 6-7 interns from different colleges across India. We worked under professor Kannan M Moudgalya, and my immidiate mentor miss Shamika.

My duties were primarily related to interfacing C with Scilab to call native OpenCV functions for Scilab operations, to ensure that the exposed functions follow the project guidelines regarding syntax and signatures (This involved a lot of code refactoring and migration, for which I was required to build automatic tools), and to build tools to run unit tests on these functions.

I will describe my experiences (and the software I wrote) in more detail later, this page is under construction.